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Site may change style in looks again tonight

JoeyDeezul, Jun 19, 12 6:35 PM.
So I guess everyone can see I changed the page layout a little this morning when I was bored. Just an FYI, it may change again tonight but I'm not sure, just for a different reason. When I made the site I paid a 3 month subscription so we would have more than the basic shit. The subscription runs out in a few hours but I don't remember what all it included so we may be losing some stuff, honestly, I just don't remember exactly what that bullshit was. So if it changes again because it reverts back to the free site instead of paid for, there's a chance it may change AGAIN because I might not like the shit it defaults to. Just giving everyone a heads up in case it turns out that way and anyone is wondering what the fuck is going on with the forum?! 

Server Transfers

JoeyDeezul, Jun 19, 12 6:45 AM.
Just to make a formal announcement, server transfers have arrived. The new server is called Prophecy of the Five, As of right now, I haven't recreated the guild, I'm just running PvP with a guild from DWC (Menace to Sobriety) and haven't made any real plans to recreate just yet. I probably will in the near future when I get tired of just PvP but for now I'm not bothering with it. If you have transferred and want a home, hit me up and I'll get you an invite to the dudes I'm running with for now, at the very least if you have transferred post on the forums and if you changed your name put the name for your new character. Thanks!
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